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Customer Service is…

Photo 10-1-15, 9 16 49 PM

Today, I helped out with the Taiwan Products Day in San Gabriel, CA. It was a great learning experience and one of the first times I helped out with a large scale event. Customer service was incredibly important and I found it amazing to help people. With a winning smile and great patience, it was amazing to see how easy it is to make someone feel comfortable. I enjoyed solving problems as well.

One of the vendors could not find her package at all and it was essential for her meetings with her buyers today. (Hooray Google!), after obtaining her tracking number and the logistics company, I was able to track her package. We found that it was delivered safely to the hotel and was misplaced somewhere. With the help of the friendly hotel staff, we were able to locate her parcel and deliver it to her before the event began. It may sound simple, but helping a nervous vendor feel comfortable and ready for her meetings was a great feeling. I began to understand what it means to deliver great customer service.

Well, any large scale event will also have its bumps. We faced an angry vendor and a bunch of random people who showed up just wanting to take samples that were display only. Besides facing a busy crowd of buyers who needed to register, we had to keep an eye out for our vendors’ samples and find some way to redirect and turn away those who were not supposed to be at the event.

I really enjoyed my experience today and I learned a lot. It certainly helped to have a great team. I just want to give my new friends a shot out. Thank you for making today enjoyable and it was a great pleasure working with you all. I look forward to our next get-together!

[Photo Courtesy of Hazel Chen]

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