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記憶裡 曾經是未來
Even if there’s dim light
I look forward to the sunrise

Everything I want to write, the hopes and dreams
The mistakes and regrets
在年底冬天 就會感慨
再熱的心 也要等春來

回想年幼立志 要名留青史
Those bright eyes
Ready to laugh and cry
Ready to bring the world somewhere better
Save the orcas and the polar bears

還是為了 人與人的平等
I got the feelings but my pen is hesitant

The world was so black and white
You can love and hate so easily
老師曾說 You care too much about the lines
Willing to bleed for what’s right, but
Rules are not necessarily right
Life is not fair 要學習 放開

It’s not giving up to wait for another try
Otherwise, I would not be here in NY

The truth, maybe, is that
The world is gray, mad
Develop your principles
Keep them in mind
莫忘初衷 就算落敗
Sometimes it’s just not time
Sometimes it’s just the next try

世界需要多點耐心 多點愛
Why so quick to gratify
It takes time to realize

To fight for what we believe is right
得能屈能伸 everything takes time to mine
冬天是鋪陳 就算春天晚來
The snow falls 為枯乾的大地灌溉
So don’t run away 不要放棄 要放開

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