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寫的是寫著愛Not love on first sightDo you wake at first light心中會浪漫沒人懂It seeps on in it’s subtle花開也是在不覺中 A faint smile thereBrushed your hairHand in handOnly to find out可能時間還沒到誰說 Say 知道 What’s on your mindHiding if even in plain sight一點提示謎也不一定開The equation of love is yEqual some kind of xPlus some time除於一些些可能的等待磨合的傷害 戀人未滿還是相伴追妳就得 grindPut in the workFor your quirks繳學費來上妳的課Still could be wastedNeed patienceOr waited 曖是曖還就是愛When do you know you are mine有些事說不出來所以有情書的存在How do I know I still have time就算曖寫的是寫著愛Tell me how should I writeWhat’s on your mind

Compassion is Light

After being reminded of some personal philosophies earlier this morning, I want to take the time to explain it. I wrote this poem 7 years ago after a conversation at dinner with my buddies about relationships with people: A Conversation at Dinner An act in progress is the star within you. Simplified to four stages: Red dwarf Blue giant Supernova Black hole Bring out the light in those around you or engulf them with your own. What is it that you want – a harmony or an overwhelming shell. Self-confidence comes with the brightness you emit and cause others to emit. Centered on yourself you drain all around you as a black hole pulls in even light. Drowning in the ever amassing matter accumulated throughout years of darkness. None can save you but yourself. So you, I am talking to pick yourself up and act in the manner you believe to be best. I will expand on what I wrote in poetry form. If we imagine each of us as a star (which I believe …