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Half-Year Review – All that Work 就說到做到

About four months ago, I wrote about goals to achieve by the time my birthday rolled around. Well, my birthday came and went on the 8th of June and here I am today, looking back and looking forward. Before we start, big shout out to my friends with their surprise cakes.

2016-06-19 21.50.11.jpg

First, let’s review my goals and how much I completed:

  1. Learn Spanish – I am at 50% fluency on Duolingo!
  2. Learn to write Chinese – I am halfway there. Still in progress
  3. Complete Data Science Specialization with Coursera – Completed!
  4. Complete Half of the GIS Specialization – Yup, got them certificates!
  5. Complete a site suitability study – Done, I actually completed two but only one is public on LoopNet! Check under attachments.
  6. Write and submit poetry to Poetry Foundation – Done, but haven’t heard back yet.
  7. Work-out regularly – Almost everyday and I run on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Also started bouldering and biking from Venice Beach to Santa Monica.
  8. Practice violin everyday – Doing that as well, though been on a break the last couple weeks.
  9. Start volunteering – I have been volunteering at the Wildlife Waystation. Back to them biology roots! I am also involved with Union Station Homeless Services’s Young Leaders Society!
  10. Talk to family more – Working on it, but definitely talking to them more. Even my baby sister. Look at what my baby sister said:

    2016-06-14 19.53.45

    My mom said, “She was very sad the other day, and suddenly asked me: I miss brother, when can I see him?” Then my mom said “So you are very important to her!”

    I must be doing something right.

  11. Play more chess – This is hard because it requires another person…I did play for a while with a couple buddies on FB but that got stale after a while.
  12. Find a new job – Yup! Started a new job on May 31st.

10/12. Not bad at all. Not bad at all. One goal for every month. I’m definitely at October, hahaha.

To be honest, I was very happy to finally speak more with my little sister. I missed out on so much of her growing up. We had a really good, hour-long chat on the phone the other day and she updated me on a lot and her own personal thought. She is growing up so fast. The best part was, she melted my heart by not hesitating to say “I miss you” before she hung up. This coming from a teenager. Imagine that…

Starting a new job was definitely the highlight of the past half year. My new job has been fulfilling and exciting so far. I am learning a whole lot and I am doing what I went to school for – urban planning. Cities are what I love and I am so glad to be able to work on my passion. My hope is that this is the first step towards a long career in the field of urban development.

There are several things on that list I am looking to continue for the rest of the year: working out, playing the violin, volunteering, talking to family, and learning Spanish and Chinese writing.

I have yet to come up with goals for the rest of the year, but I have two very exciting projects currently in the works. Please look forward to them. They are personal passion projects that I hope will bring joy and happiness to my family and friends.

Lastly, again and again I am reminded that it is important to treat people with kindness and be genuine. I need to try harder to put myself in the other person’s shoes, be kinder, and more patient.

Love, peace, Will out.

2016-06-08 19.29.35-1

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  1. Oye, Will. I’m so glad we got to see each other in-person again. I was reminded of your warmth and contagious energy. Thank you for sharing what you’ve done and what you’re striving for; I feel like I am getting a first-row seat into your life. The way you write captures gives me close insight into your life. Now this is all and more that I want to hear. You’ve answered for me the question “How is life and how is your heart?” If I knew you were 50% fluent in Spanish, we could have spoke in and practiced Spanish on Monday 😉

    P.s. Your baby sister’s openness melted my heart, too.

    Happy to be walking this life journey with ya and our crazy friends. abrazos.

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