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Short Post: New Project

I recently undertook a new project – taking my career forward in the direction I have been aiming for. Care to guess what kind of a project I am doing? Keeping it under wraps for now, but today I made a great deal of progress! Can’t wait to get to the final product. Here’s a sneak preview:

Learning and Growing! Internship and Coursera Specialization!

Last week, I started my internship with WLM Financial – a real-estate brokerage. With my interest in urban planning and development and my background in the social sciences, it appears to be a good fit to work as their Marketing Intern. I was quickly integrated into the marketing team and I am happy to say that the owners have been very trusting and gave me a great opportunity to learn. They have taught me a great deal in the past week about mortgages and real-estate. They are always open to questions and really took me under their wings. I look forward to learning more about the real-estate industry and about business development. Though I am only an intern, my opinions were valued and contributed to the direction the company is taking. Using my skills with ArcGIS, I took the initiative located our target audiences. I integrated demographic data with geospatial data from the U.S. Census Bureau to reveal locations where our target audience might be located. I was quickly able to locate ten cities in …