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Glendale Historic Downtown Redesign

Glendale Historic Downtown Redesign was an urban redevelopment and design project for the city of Glendale, Arizona. With an aging population and a struggling economy, Glendale has been trying to revitalize its downtown core for years (culminating in the hosting of Superbowl XLIX). This project was an attempt to address these issues by developing a plan, through development and policy, that will benefit parts of the historic downtown. Under the guidance of Professor Emily Talen and Dr. Michael Powe, we followed the Preservation Green Lab‘s methodology in examining neighborhood physical characteristics through a combined measure of building age, building diversity, and lot size. Using grid overlay analysis, we incorporated demographic data from the U.S. Census Bureau and identified and presented a neighborhood that had the greatest potential for revitalization through existing policy and design. In addition, we conducted field observations of the study area. Some of the issues we found was the lack of consistent frontage which reduced the physical attractiveness of the area. There was a lack of mix-used buildings, with would serve to bring residents and businesses together. In addition, …

Taipei City Government – Department of Environmental Protection

Between August 2011 and October 2012, I worked for the Taipei City Government’s Department of Environmental Protection. I was assigned to the Strategic Planning Division, which managed environmental evaluation of development projects and environmental awareness programs in the city of Taipei. As part of the Strategic Planning Division, my responsibilities included English website maintenance, English-Chinese translations and editing, and environmental awareness education. I lead a team of three as part of an environmental awareness outreach program for primary schools in the city. We designed a performance for children and toured over 200 schools each semester. I was also involved in a community service program that tutored children from economically disadvantage families.