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Courtyard by Marriott – Arc Atlantic Regional Center

As Arc Atlantic Regional Center’s Project Coordinator, I work on various aspects of their Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in Monterey Park development. My responsibilities are split between project coordination, marketing data analysis, and marketing.

I took initiative to create the company’s online presence. In collaboration with Suen Labs, I re-developed Arc Atlantic Regional Center’s website which launched on Feb 26. I created both the Chinese and English content for the website and provided design directions for the appearance of the website.


My other work in marketing includes creating various media items such as monthly newsletters and press releases and I coordinate with local media such as TV Stations and newspapers in creating advertisements. I also provide Chinese-English translations for our marketing materials as needed, such as adding Chinese subtitles in the introduction video for investors.


Our January Advertisement in World Journal LA, A local Chinese newspaper

In terms of project coordination, I help the Project Manager in contacting various utilities and contractors relevant to the construction and development of the project. For example, I reached out to Southern California Edison and AT&T for their underground cables and pipeline information for our shoring plans. I review zoning policies and provided research for various design guidelines for the hotel. I also draft correspondences and create contact and client information worksheets.

Lastly, I provide data analysis on Arc Atlantic Regional Center’s marketing campaigns. I created the template for client information database. From the information in the database, I create monthly reports on the quantity of calls and appointments that result. These reports include insights on the source of information in order to identify the most effective marketing platforms and insights on the type of callers – whether they are looking to invest for themselves, for a friend, or for family.

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