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Letters on Tuesdays – That Thing Called Passion

Dear Wilton,

Remember our conversation about what you really wanted to do and what you really enjoyed doing? Though you had your reservations and concerns, you suggested that you, perhaps, wanted to become a writer. Having seen you disappear into books and having read your writing, I am not surprised. Your writing is mature beyond your years. The logic and creativity within your words and sentences are at a level higher than mine at the same age. So with regards to that, I believe you will go on to achieve great things if you truly put your mind to it.

At the same time, you expressed the fact that you were unsure if that is what you truly wanted to pursue. You felt as if you had no direction or sense of purpose. That is okay. If we look around, we all have friends who know what their passions and dreams are from a young age. They will likely accomplish things we can only hope to achieve at the same age. Again, that is okay. You and I, we are not them. We are not born with an inherent sense of purpose; we have not found the true calling of our lives, yet.

If you really asked, most people will tell you that they feel the same way. The majority of us takes our time to figure our lives out. Some are lost until they are in their 30’s. Some take even longer. Even I, current aged 27, still question my purpose and my passion in life. That line of questioning, which started in college, took me to places I have never imagined going. It has brought me into contact with people I never knew existed. It has brought me into the field that I now work it, yet had no idea about just a couple years ago.

The only way to find your passion and to live life passionately is to be open to new experiences and new ideas. Sure, you should still have boundaries and morals. You have to do things you believe in, but keep an open mind. You might find yourself chasing monkeys in the Amazon Rainforest. You might find yourself learning about philosophy. You might find yourself working a dead-end office job for a few months. These are experiences that will allow you to find what you are passionate. Without experiences and the willingness to create them, you will only hold back your passion. Sometimes, it is through these experiences that you find yourself loving something you hated, like the violin.

Truth is, no one ever really knows what they want to do in life. Things change and people change. All we can do is keep pushing forward, whether in pursuit of a dream or in pursuit of finding that dream. Maybe this will alleviate your fears, maybe this will not. In the end, only you can find what you want. Just remember, you have people that believe in you, like your friends or say, Willy, Jenny, and I.

With Love,

Your Brother

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