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MC HotDog Sings…About Society

MC HotDog is back with a new single called “離開”, which translates to “Depart” or “Leave”. In a departure from his last collaboration with A-yue about Taiwanese chicks, one night stands, and bras, this song is about the spread of social media and online connectivity and how it has affected our interactions with each other and ourselves. Many of us become trapped in our online identities and become disengaged from reality.

A particularly poignant verse in the song goes, “在 Real world 我用真名說假的話 Another world 我用假名說真的話 有點疑惑 我也開始變得有點掙扎 在我的兩個世界裡 分不清真假” which points out how we seem to live different lives in reality and in the virtual world. Translated, it says, “In the real world I speak falsely while using my real name, another world I speak the truth using an alias, it is a little confusing, I am starting to struggle a little in both my world, it difficult to tell what’s real and what’s not”.

This brings me to my point – what is media really doing to us? Are we using it for our own advantages or are we becoming used by it? Being online and connected to the “world” becomes more and more important in our lives as we find ourselves needing to process massive amounts of information in order to “keep up” with the daily news and changing trends. We set up accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social media sites to extend our networks, to maintain our networks, and to establish our own individual presence online. Yet where does this lead us, when many of us “expose” ourselves online where privacy is an increasing concern and where much of our image can be carefully constructed and presented? Can you still be you when all you have to present yourself is limited by how many words and pictures you can stuff on a computer screen?

Furthermore, because many of us cannot present ourselves comfortably in reality, the web becomes a platform where we can be who we want to be. This means people are increasingly disengaged in reality with each other, because they aren’t comfortable with their realities. Almost everywhere I look when I walk on the street are people plugged into their iPhones, HTCs, and other smart devices. In restaurants, it is not uncommon to see couples or friends dining with their heads down looking at their devices the entire dinner without as much a word between them. Plugged in and distracted, are we becoming a society where our real, authentic identities are no longer present in reality but as portions polished and published in an online community?

Well, that’s definitely a thinking man’s rap if you ever showed me one.

As for MC HotDog, his new album comes out on July 13th.  For those of you who like his music, enjoy! =)

P.S. This is a different kind of post from what I am used to (more of a thinking aloud stream-of-consciousness style), please give me suggestions on improvements! Thank you!

Image via MC HotDog 

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