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GIS Specialization – GIS Data Formats, Design and Quality

On February 22, 2016, I started the GIS Specialization Course with UC Davis through Coursera. Today, I completed the second course, GIS Data Formats, Design and Quality, in the series.

For my second assignment, I was given parcel data and a raster containing elevation information on the town of Valmeyer. The entire town was moved to a location on a higher elevation in order to minimize flood risks. From the data, I calculated average distance from the new parcels to the old town. I also calculated slope and elevation for each of the new parcels (min, max, and mean values). This required the use of Spatial Analyst, which is a package that is new to me. Prior to this, I had not worked with raster data so it was a great learning experience.

After completing the calculations and adding them to the attribute data, I created and uploaded the features as shapefiles to create a publicly accessible web map on ArcGIS Online.

This is my map:


Honestly, I love cartography and spatial analysis. I look forward to continuing the specialization in May.

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