Month: August 2015

Taipei City Government – Department of Environmental Protection

Between August 2011 and October 2012, I worked for the Taipei City Government’s Department of Environmental Protection. I was assigned to the Strategic Planning Division, which managed environmental evaluation of development projects and environmental awareness programs in the city of Taipei. As part of the Strategic Planning Division, my responsibilities included English website maintenance, English-Chinese translations and editing, and environmental awareness education. I lead a team of three as part of an environmental awareness outreach program for primary schools in the city. We designed a performance for children and toured over 200 schools each semester. I was also involved in a community service program that tutored children from economically disadvantage families.

Relaunch…The Brand New Ideas by IamLliw

Hello everyone! IamLliw is back! For those that don’t know, check out About Ideas by IamLliw. It has been a long time. In the last couple years, I attended and graduated with a M.A. from Arizona State University. I focused on urban environment studies through an urban political ecology framework. My passion for space and the use of space led to me examine relationships between social issues and their spatial distribution. Along those lines, I immersed myself in urban planning and development, as I pursued my interest in urban environments that developed during my time in the Department of Environmental Protection of Taipei. The major projects I have been involved in typically revolved around the spatial analysis of cities. That is also where my passion lies – understanding, analyzing, and creating space. Unfortunately, this blog fell to the wayside with my focus dedicated to my studies. However, my experiences in academics taught me the importance of developing and sustaining a voice. At its core, every published research paper is an intellectually developed and evidence based report …